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Outdoor Moments

This is a Global eBook Award winning book in the category of Sports/Fitness/Recreation. Byron Graham, the author of SMOKE & ICE and other stories of hunting and fishing in the great outdoors.

Byron shares tales of Snafus That Sportsmen Don’t Like to Talk About. This book reads like a real-life equivalent of Wile E. Coyote in his attempts to capture the quick-footed Road Runner in the great Warner Bros. cartoon series. While you are reading this, you will find yourself wondering… “How is this guy still alive?”

Coupled with the seasoned pragmatism from 55 years as a hunter, fisherman and “mountain man,” Byron entertains and philosophizes about life, tackle boxes, being prepared and how all that “proper planning” can be neutralized in a few seconds by the vagaries of Mother Nature and her coterie of wild animals, especially the human kind. Experience these adventures in the best way possible… safely… in the comfort of your own home.

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Byron writes a blog featuring some of his characters in progress. You can read about them and more HERE: