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Little Leaf

Imagine if we were told, every day, that we were loved unconditionally, that we were exactly where and what we needed to be, and that that was enough. Imagine what courage and freedom would be born out of that profound knowing. Allowing our natural desire to explore our potential to blossom joyfully of it’s own accord, not motivated by a need to “purchase” affection or acceptance.

This wonderful “Read Aloud” children’s eBook from iPub-Press is a tale of a young leaf as it strives to grow up and accomplish something in its life. Told as a parable, it seems that being preoccupied with achieving “more” pervades even the world of Nature. A “Read Aloud” eBook is an eBook that has a narration track that can play so that your child can hear the story as the pages are turned and the words are highlighted. It makes for easy reading and is sure to keep your child entertained.

Now available at the Apple iBookstore for the iPad. Get a FREE SAMPLE or buy it HERE!