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Cozie the Calico Cat® – Tale of the Missing Pin

Cozie the Calico Cat® & The Tale of the Missing Pin is a narrative of childhood innocence; of learning, listening and sharing. Itʼs about brother and sister twins who find something special after losing their way while playing a simple children’s game. Young readers will meet some unique characters: a beautiful extra-terrestrial feline from a distant part of the galaxy, a flamboyant fowl named Magpie Annie, and an extraordinary, extra-ornery rodent who calls himself Danny the Packrat. They will gain insight into how the twins, Corey and Caryn, wish and hope and ultimately find their way through their unexpected predicament. As the story unfolds, they begin to realize that there are times when something that is lost here on Earth may only be found by looking up to the heavens.

This “Cozie” enhanced multimedia eBook has three original songs by musician and author George Saer, that express feelings of childhood dreams and caring.  This is a tale which helps us understand that when we have faith, help may arrive in some very interesting and surprising ways…ways that are absolutely out of this world!

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Note to Educators

A primary purpose of this book is to offer an example of ethical behavior for children. Sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others is of utmost importance in maintaining a loving attitude while resolving differences of opinion. Values of unselfishness, patience, persistence, kindness, humility, equality, and an overall sense of love for our neighbor, as expressed in this story, promote the social skills necessary for good character development. When pure motives guide relationships, good wins the day.
It is our hope that in addition to discovering a fun story, young readers will gain an appreciation for these qualities, and will find opportunities to express them in their own lives.

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