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Cheers to Buckingham Mouse

After a few months of mixing some key ingredients: Art, Audio and a great Storyline from Master Storyteller Mark Lewis… We  are proud to announce the first eBook of the Storyteller Series from iPub-Press. This is a fascinating tale of a mouse who by chance lives right under the site where the Renaissance Pleasure Faire is held every year. He is enthralled with the spirit of celebration and learns how to make the most out of his experiences there.

Cheers to us!

Buckingham Mouse raises a glass with author Mark Lewis in
“The Faire Adventures of Buckingham Mouse”– Etching by Jack Lantz

This saga is entertaining and has drama. Relive the jubilant times of your own visits to the Faire through the Adventures of Buckingham Mouse or get a “taste” of what it is like to attend the glorious festival that is the Pleasure Faire.

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