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Getting Started

iPUB-PRESS – We Publish Words That Entertain, Educate and Enlighten
If your writing fits that description, then we might have a future together.
You can contact us here: info@ipub-press.com

If you want to self-publish

  • First, have a good story to tell. Fiction or fact, your life or someone else’s.
  • The technology is available to make your writing “Dream” come true.
  • You have a chance to do this in a way that is easier than it has ever been!

We can help you make this happen

  • Be willing to accept some coaching.
  • Be willing to look for “teachable moments.”
  • Use the internet to your best advantage.
  • Invest in yourself and your project!

What We Offer

iPub-Press offers consultation, design and production services to an author. We provide two distinct files. The first is a “work-in-progress” PDF that we use as a version proof until it is OK’d as the final. That is a reference document. The authorI can print that if a physical copy is desired. It can later be used to create a printed book, with additional preparation.
After final approval, that layout, formatted with coding, is converted to .epub (Apple and other eReaders) and/or .mobi (Amazon Kindle) formats. iPub-Press works in the three major ebook markets. They include: Apple’s iBookstore, Amazon’s Kindle, and Barnes+Noble’s Nook. (Formatting for the iPad is the most advanced.) That file is later converted to the different subset epub spec for Kindle and Nook.

Most authors will appreciate a choice of our services:

Project assessment – No Charge 
A short synopsis of what you next step in the publishing process is for you and your manuscript

Guidance and coaching – adjustable scale
Your book might need copy editing, may need illustrations or photographs we can help you get the right assets. We have a few award-winning illustrators to match to your project. We have access to excellent photographers, or can refine your own photos to publishing requirements.

Production quote – No Charge
There are many ways to do an eBook. Simple text, or it might have pictures, sound or video. If you already have your project defined, we can tell you what it would cost to have us produce it for you.

Print assessment – $50
If you have your heart set on a printed book, we can get that done in a quick and economical way. Although books only become cost-effective when you are printing 1000 or more, on-demand printing has reduced the costs of limited-run publishing. The best way to get your book printed is to build a demand for the printed version by creating an eBook first. This “tests the waters” to see if your subject resonates with the public. Then, sales of the eBook can actually help pay your way to self-publish your book, giving you much more profit from each sale than you would receive from a traditional publishing house. Using our associates, we can get your job printed from here to China.

Production consultation and editing – $75 per hour
If you need some nitty-gritty help in making your “baby” better, we have more than 46 years in the publishing business to help you hone your “honey.”

Design – by project
We have artists, illustrators and copyeditors that we team with to give you the roster of talent you need to execute your vision “blueprint.” We realize that collaboration sometimes makes a better result than simply taking what is delivered and “running” with it.

Strategic Marketing & Promotion – by project and assignment
After your book is done, the work really begins. Gold might be valuable on its own, but it needs discovery, rather than lying buried in the Earth. You are going to have to get out your “pick and shovel” to mine the gems you have wrought and bring them to the light of day. If you have a dream of “viral marketing,” we can help you set that up. As the author, you will be the final figure they seek to discover your “gold.”

Why We Might Be the “Right Fit” For You
There are many companies offering ways to get your book published. Some are “bare bones” and low-cost. Some offer the “Cadillac and Mercedes” of services, as if money was no object to an author like you. The “low-ball” publishers convert what you send them and if you didn’t think of everything, then after it is done, they will charge you again and again until it is finally the way it should have been in the first place. The “high-brow” venue has a huge margin built in to take care of contingencies that are inherently part of the publishing process. “Changes? No problem… You already have paid us to do that.” iPub-Press is the middle choice. We help you understand how to prepare your documents BEFORE you deliver it to us, then give you a chance to make changes and adjustments to a printable proof PDF before the work is complete. We show you how to do standard mark up to denote changes, then give you another proof to sign off on before final production. As a writer, you already know that writing is an iterative process. Publishing is too. Our collaboration makes your work stronger than it would have been without us.

iPUB-PRESS – We Publish Words That Entertain, Educate and Enlighten
That is our brand. If your writing fits that description, then we might have a future together. The folks that assemble at iPub-Press are fulfilling their passion, they HAVE to do publishing. Just as the monks did, illuminated manuscripts during the Renaissance, it is our mission to make the world a better place through the service of words.
In the Beginning, was the WORD.”

Words are powerful. We polish, publish, preserve and promote them.