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Step 1 – Your Manuscript

This information assumes that you already have a manuscript completed and are considering what the next step is in getting it published and distributed. Congratulations! That was probably a lot of work and at times, you didn’t think you could ever do it.

When converting your manuscript into book form, one of the things that makes it easier is if you were consistent in the ways you declared styles such as Headings, Subheads, and the use of Italics and Bold in your text. If you varied the commands in different ways during the course of your writing because you were concentrating on the words, it makes it more difficult for anyone to render the conversion to gain a consistent result.

The process of conversion relies on highly automated routines in order to keep costs from skyrocketing. If you send text with lots of variables, that is different ways to get the same Italics, those differences each get declared as a separate code. They might look the same, but many times, there is a slight variation which can lead to error.

The fist step in conversion is to see “how you did” in terms of consistency. There will be a quiz to follow. (Almost kidding!)