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Publishing Dilemma

Many creative writers find the process to getting published a daunting task. Finding a publisher who will sign an author, “adopt” their project and promote the title to its potential, is not likely. Only well-known authors have that luxury. Larger publishers are lucky to have 10% of their titles become best-sellers, which then support and maintain the rest of their business operations. The overhead in the industry is enormous. Booksellers simply return books that do not sell. It is risky for publishers to gamble on an unknown author. This is also the reason that an author only receives around 10% of the wholesale cost of a book for their work. The cost of production, printing, carrying inventory, shipping and other considerations make publishers extremely cautious. J.K. Rowling was rejected 12 times by various publishing houses before someone took a chance on her. That worked out well for her, she is very talented. That, however, rarely happens.

A Different Strategy

There are significant cost differences between ebook publishing and traditional methods. eBooks cost less to produce than printed books because physical production is not required. Therefore, inventory management and shipping are eliminated. Content is designed, electronically assembled and then distributed. It is easier to refine, update and manage the document.

Enhanced Features

There are features available to ebooks that go beyond what is possible with traditional publishing. The choice of using color on every page of your masterpiece cost no more than a single color would cost. Adding audio, animation and video to your book is possible. Working with iPub-Press allows you to transform your manuscript from idea into a marketable product. Collaboration with the publisher can improve the quality of your original manuscript.

On to Print!

Demand can also demonstrate a market for a printed edition. We can assist you according to the amount of support you require. We offer editorial refinement, graphic design, strategic positioning and follow-through to full print production. When it comes to placing your book in front of customers, you can ride the wave of new technology and find out if your story resonates with readers without investing in a physical product.

iPub-Press supports in the production of your book. If readers begin clamoring for a printed version, it is much easier to provide when most of the prep work has already been done. iPub-Press can help you select appropriate short-run or longer press run printing. We’ve got 46 years of publishing experience. We know how to print in Hong Kong. You will have a high-quality book that represents your brand with some marketing already in place, thanks to the “buzz” created by first publishing the ebook!