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Read Along! Series

Andrew, the Ant Farmer is a finalist in the Global eBook Awards competition that will be decided this Saturday in Santa Barbara.

The “Read Along! is an exciting category of Children’s book both illustrative and entertaining. Our very first offering is a wonderful tale about an aspiring Ant, Andrew… who decides to venture to the city to find fame and fortune, only to learn some important lessons about life and family.

What makes the “Read Along” series different, is that the book can be set to play the included audio track that highlights the words as they are read. It can either stop at the end of each page spread, or automatically turn to the next page to continue reading.

The imaginative drawings transport the young reader to the possibilities of Ant-thropomorphic identity and bring the story-telling to a level that weaves wonder into this parable of life. The detail and technique of the artist is superlative and brings enjoyment to all who read and listen to the saga of the hard-working hero… Andrew, The Ant Farmer.

Available HERE on the Apple iBookstore.