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enhanced eBooks

Of course, by now you have GOT to have heard about the eBook “revolution” that is changing the entire publishing ecosystem. It is a way that aspiring authors can now have a lot more say in their own destiny.

The best part of this new technology is that full color images, video and audio files that contain voice-overs or music can be combined in ways that ENHANCE story-telling to a new measure. iPUB-PRESS is a company that specializes in providing the technical expertise to bring these features to your next publishing project.

There are two major types of eBooks that we can create for you. 

  1. Flowing Text Books – These are the most common form of eBook available. These are mostly composed of textual material, although pictures or charts can be inserted in the “text stream.” A distinguishing characteristic to these offerings is that the size of the text and even typestyle can be readily adjusted to match the preference of the reader. The text then “Flows” and the pages readjust to fit the new size and style. Color and background of the “paper” can also be modified.
  2. Fixed Layout Books – This category is used when the author would like to keep the items placed on the page exactly where they envisioned them. If the reader desires to examine a feature, such as a photograph more closely, the page can be “pinched open” to zoom in closer to to look at details. These are also know as “Enhanced eBooks” because they can include audio and even video files that can be played automatically or semi-automatically and pages can be turned as the audio files finish playing. Fixed Layout publications are designed on a page-by-page process that is more complex than ordinary eBook publishing, but the results can be spectacular.
There are two “Subsets” of Fixed Layout that Deserve Extra Mention.
  1. Read “Along” eBooks – These differ in that as the words are spoken, those exact lines change color to enable young readers to identify where they are in the story and also do eye-hand coordination as a boost to recognizing words and letterforms. This is the ultimate form of eBook and is wonderful to experience. This design requires hand-coding each audio or video file, word-by-word,  to sequence the timing and synchronize it with the text as it is playing. Here is a sample of a Read Along Book.
  2. Storyteller Series eBooks – Offer a narrator who reads the story, while the reader listens or browses through the illustrations and text to follow along with what is discussed. This technique offers very entertaining results in the production of Children’s books, while avoiding the additional programming required to make the book “Read-Along.” Here is a sample of a Storyteller Book.

This is a time of Empowerment in the Publishing Industry. It is exciting to be able to trade in the most valuable commodity and powerful force of Humanity… IDEAS! And to very quickly be able to share them with others, many of whom really need our inspiration and support. The Net Works!