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Monkeys, Culture and Learning

We live in a time when we can actually accomplish some change in our way of life, thanks to the ease of communication in technology. Whether you are a corporation, a government agency or an earnest individual, if you have something to share, doing it through an eBook might actually assist someone, perhaps even a person or people you don’t know, to shift the “tectonic plates” of their own life and transform their way of living. It has to do with providing information at an opportune time in a relatable manner. Communication works in society whether you are a using a computer or just hanging out like a bunch of  monkeys. Take a look!

This is the scientific study which is the basis for the 100th Monkey Theory which was made famous by a book by Ken Keyes. The concept of the learned response jumping to other islands has been sadly debunked, but it still is a powerful lesson in cultural learning. The web is now part of our culture. Perhaps we can teach each other a few really good ideas for life and success.