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Cool Things to Help

Inspiration – Below are links that may help you believe in yourself and ignite your desire to write.

Emerson’s Essay on Git ‘er done!

A Life Force that must be met

An Artist’s Creed, suitable for framing


If you are in need of some guidance with your writing and you don’t have a reliable “English major” friend or can’t afford to hire a copy editor for your project, you might find this service on the web a real boost to your writing skills. We have included an embedded text editor for you to get a feel for how it might assist you. Your personal writing voice may override their suggestions, nevertheless  the outcome will be well-considered prose.

Check it out here:

You’re Gonna Need a Style Guide

I was designing a magazine in the 1970′s the first time I ever heard of the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS). The crew of writers and editors used it as their “bible” when it came to how they presented information. The University of Chicago developed it to organize their own publications. It is of considerable value and has assisted many writers and organizations. Yay!

It is the one I use. It costs $35 for the printed copy and it is updated every year. They also have an online version. If you’ve been doing this for a while, you won’t use it often, but when you have to make an editorial decision as to which way to present info, it is a great reference tool. There is an online version which is also $35. You must re-up every year. It is way more convenient, though. You can try it here: CMOS_Online.

There are a few other good style guides, such as the Associated Press Stylebook. They would, obviously, be much more oriented toward journalism. They have an online portal and also have apps that work on the iPhone and Blackberry. They also offer something called StyleGuard that works inside of Microsoft Word to keep you on your toes linguistically and in style… their style. You can get a load of them here: Associated Press Stylebook.