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Market Prepares for New Tablets

The major players have positioned themselves for some advantage in preparation for the holiday season and impending announcements from Apple about the iPhone 5 and the now expected iPad Mini.

Google has released their first offering, the Nexus 7.

Amazon is having a press conference on September 6th to show off their new Kindle Fire and Kindle Touch. These will be improved versions, having had some time to further advance design and software of their products. As yet, the Fire does not allow video or audio in their books, but it will only be a matter of time before they add this feature.

What’s left is that Apple is having a press gathering on September 12th that will probably only announce the iPhone 5, with another some time in October to reveal the purported iPad Mini.

The strategy has been well thought out by each manufacturer to take advantage of the cyclical nature of news. It mirrors how the movie industry plans their releases so as not to step on each other’s box office potential. (Movie release dates are planned years in advance.) Google and Amazon are hoping that you get excited about their products so that you convince yourself that it meets your needs before Apple delivers its next knock-out product.

Best Advice? You waited this long to get to the point of being open to the idea that the “wave of the future” could be yours today. You probably should wait, if you can, until they all arrive. If you can’t, then buy one that matches your requirements as you see them for the next year or two. Any choice will be empowering, giving you convenience and ability that you have never experienced before.

We are about two years into this New Wave of publishing. We have scratched the surface. There is now a critical mass of users, but we will seen more convergence of computer and tablet in the next few years so that one day you will think back to what you were doing in 2009 and marvel at how crude technology was and wonder how we ever got along.

iPub-Press will be reviewing and comparing a basic unit of each tablet when they are available. We would like to aid you in deciding which tablet might be the right fit for you. Just as in the automotive industry, there is room for many ways of addressing the market. Some people want to books simply, with no other distractions. Some others would like to check their mail, Twitter their friends, post to Facebook and read. Many will move toward the convenience of watching movies wherever they choose and writing their books, connecting to the internet and doing it all on a device that has replaced their desktop. When that day comes, we will help you decide how to leap into it.

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