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Alcatraz – Journey to the Island

Available on the iBookStore, Alcatraz – Journey to the Island is a photo essay and historical commentary of America’s most famous prison—Alcatraz. The video below is the media intro of the enhanced eBook. Billed as “Inescapable,” notorious prisoners and 14 different escape attempts were part of the lore of the island. Even shutting it down did nothing to quell the mystery of Alcatraz, as it then became a rallying point for Native Americans to cry out against the poor treatment and lack of respect that the government had for their plight.
Alcatraz is more than a place. It has been a symbol of extreme punishment and loss of rights, an “end-of-the-line” destination filled with despair, yet a symbol of hope, not only to Native Americans, but also in films and to many generations of Americans and citizens throughout the world.

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This Multi-Touch eBook reveals what it is like to go visit the island and encourages you to consider your own journey whenever you may be close to San Francisco. Alcatraz is a terrific place to visit and will be one of your most memorable experiences. The National Park Service has partnered with an excellent concessionaire in Alcatraz Cruises to make your stopover memorable. Tours are available daily, but you must have reservations in advance and in the summer, it is better to make them days in advance in order to insure a seat. You can only enter the island and the tour via Alcatraz Cruises ferries, however, you may circle the island with other excursion packages. This is an exciting display of fine photography combined with detailed information about the history of Alcatraz.


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