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We Launched iPub-Press on Earth Day!

Why EARTH DAY? Because the development of eBooks is an example of how modern technology can assist moving towards “zero carbon footprint” activities and spread “how-to” knowledge, entertainment and insight through the now electronic word. It has become much more affordable to publish books and other information in an accessible and low-environmental impact package. WE SAVE TREES! We don’t need trucks to ship inventory, nor warehouses to store or move the product. There is nothing that needs recycling. (Maybe eventually an eReader, but they still are new.) This is definitely the Wave of the Future — Available NOW!

On Earth Day, we reflected that maybe the world can be better than it has been for a while. We publish Words that Entertain, Educate and Enlighten!  We hope that some of our books will provide a pause to reflect that maybe there is still Hope for mankind. When was the last time you got excited enough too feel like that?

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